Friday, November 4, 2016

Laura Geller - NEST Fragrances - Deva Curl Sample Sale - 10/31 - 11/5/16 and Shopping Haul Recap

After work I made my way over to 260 Sample Sale to check out what was left at the Laura Geller - Nest Fragrances - Deva Curl Sample Sale, which just got even further discounted today. I really was looking to stock up on NEST Fragrances liquid soaps, and unfortunately they were all gone, except for the last Morrocan Amber one I picked up for $5. I picked up a NEST Fragrances classic candle for $25, in the Birchwood Pine scent and Hearth and Wasabi Pear for mini single votives for $5 each. 

They had plenty of other scents including Ocean Mist & Sea Salt, Vanilla Orchid & Almond, Orange Blossom, Moss & Mint and the holiday scents.I was hoping to find Cashmere Suede, but no luck on finding that candle there. Sprig by NEST Anjou Pear and Sandalwood sugar scrub and  body butter were the best finds, marked at $2 each. 

I then made my way to Laura Geller, which seemed to have everything except what I was looking for - black eyeliner. I did manage to pickup a few items - foundation, highlighter palette and eyeshadows for $5 each and lip gloss for $2. 

I've included the sale info and updated price lists for the sale, with just two days left. Happy shopping!

- Kim Weling

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