Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hope Never Rests with philosophy & Gabby Bernstein / renewed hope collection

I can't believe April is right around the corner! With time flying by so quickly, it's got me reflecting on events I've attended over the past 3 months. One of my favorite ones so far this year was the inspiring Hope Never Rests event in January with philosophy's wellbeing ambassador, Gabby Bernstein at the NYIT Auditorium at 1871 Broadway. 

I had the pleasure of first meeting Gabby when she held a Miracles Now session during last May's ABC Carpet & Home Beauty Wellness Wisdom event, in which guests learned to use her Miracles Now card deck of affirmations as a spiritual tool and guide for growth and healing. 

This time, Gabby talked about her own recent life experiences and gave attendees important tips and tricks in keeping hope in your heart and turning your dreams into reality. Thanks to Gabby, everyone left the auditorium feeling more hopeful, positive and open to the what the universe has to offer. 

Gabby's six tips included:

1. Witness your crazy
2. Open yourself to creative possibilities 
3. Clarify your hopes
4. Be that magnet for miracles 
5. Ask for your sign and chill 
6. Glow

Before and after the event, guests were able to write their own positive affirmation of hope, and check out the philosophy's renewed hope collection, including:

 - renewed hope in a jar refreshing & refining moisturizer
- renewed hope in a jar spf 30 refreshing &refining moisturizer
- renewed hope in a jar overnight recharging & refining moisturizer
renewed hope in a jar eye refreshing & refining eye cream
- renewed hope in a jar micro-renewal hydrating mist
- renewed hope in a jar re-energizing moisture mask

The evolution of philosophy's beloved hope in a jar was introduced with renewed hope in a jar refreshing & refining moisturizer (launched in January 2015). hope in a jar was one of the inaugural products launched by philosophy in 1966. Renewed hope in a jar refreshing & refining moisturizer's new formulation retexturizes skin with a triple blend of hydroxy acids, intensifies your natural healthy-looking color with an asian fruit extract and restores all-day moisture with 3 forms of hyaluronate. This moisturizer is perfect for my skin - it's lightweight and has an oil-free formula that works for normal and combination skin.

If you currently aren't applying an SPF before your moisturizer, then you should be opting for renewed hope in a jar spf 30 refreshing &refining moisturizer (launched June 2015). This all-day moisturizer shields skin from harmful uva/uvb rays. 

Make sure you follow through with a nightly skincare routine before getting some beauty sleep. renewed hope in a jar overnight recharging & refining moisturizer (launched January 2016) helps boost skin's nightly cell-renewal cycle and improves skin's ability to fight dehydration, dullness and rough texture. This nighttime moisturizer continuously replenishes moisture and hydrates skin for 24 hours with natural plant extract MYRAMAZE™.

renewed hope in a jar eye refreshing & refining eye cream (launched in January 2015) energizes tired-looking eyes with asian fruit extract, brightens dark circles and reduces puffiness with algae extracts, retexturizes skin to smooth the look of fine lines with a yeast complex. 

renewed hope in a jar micro-renewal hydrating mist (launched January 2016) is formulated with a re-energizing liquid blend of non-stop skin rewnewal technology to instantly refresh, re-energize and rehydrate skin. 

If If you feel like your skin is looking and feeling tired and dull, you can boost it up with renewed hope in a jar re-energizing moisture mask (launched January 2016). The velvety whipped formula with non-stop skin renewal technology rehydrates, retexturizes and re-energizes skin with a cooling, instant burst of hydration. 

I've always been a fan of philosophy, so I am really excited be using the renewed hope collection as part of my skincare regimen. I also love supporting brands that support a cause.

1% of all philosophy product sales supports community-based mental health efforts. 
- hope & grace initiative

- Kim Weling

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