Sunday, March 13, 2016

Handbags of Hope Exchange Beauty & Wellness Showcase

Handbags of Hope founder, Erika Hernandez

In celebration of "Women in Business Month" I attended the Handbags of Hope Exchange Beauty & Wellness Showcase at Roe 7 Studios on Sunday, March 6th, in Hoboken for a day of learning, sharing and giving back. Attendees had a chance to meet with beauty/wellness professionals, win prizes, and listen to success stories, tips and personal stories of empowerment from inspirational women. 

The event supported Harvest of Hope Ministries and Dress for Success Hudson County. 100% of all the event's gains are being donated to Dress for Success. Each guest brought a gently used handbag filled with new toiletry items as a donation to Dress for Success in an effort to continue restoring hope and confidence to women in need. At the event, a total of 175 gently used handbags were collected for Dress for Success.

During the event, Fashion stylist, Tiffany Pinero provided us with some styling tips, followed by a beauty panel with vlogger, beauty influencer and brand ambassador Isabel Bedoya, founder of Khuraira Cosmetics, Khuraira Musa, and owner of Hair & Makeup Lounge, Jennifer Pina. 

Styling tips from Tiffany Pinero:

- Tailoring is everything. Look proportional and make it fit right
- Get inspired - make a Pinterest board or vision board.
- Plan or strategize before you buy, so you don't end up buying things you don't need.

Takeaways from the beauty panel:

- If you don't have a beauty routine, take on what you can handle. Less is more. Start out small and 
     work your way up ~ Jennifer Pina 
- Look at features you want to emphasize - brows - eyes - lips ~ Khuraira Musa

When asked 'What does being an empowered women means to you?':

- Doesn't matter your age or where you come from you can do anything - Isabel Bedoya
- You have to believe in yourself, have passion and value yourself. Listen to your inner voice
     ~ Khuraira Musa
- Take the help to be guided in the right direction. Don't be too proud to accept help ~ Jennifer Pina 

When asked 'What if you are struggling to find your inner voice?'

- Don't give up on what you are doing ~ Isabel Bedoya
- Find your passion. Find your niche and value it. Be good at it not mediocre. Always learn.                      Challenge yourself. Find something impossible and go for it. Don't be afraid ~ Khuraira Musa
- Figure out what you're doing that isn't making you happy. Re-evaluate. Change what you don't like.      Plan for the future what makes you happy and work towards that goal ~ Jennifer Pina 

When asked 'What do you when you have bad days?'

- Cover it up with a smile. Think of how blessed you are. Think first and act later ~ Jennifer Pina 
- Count your blessings. There is more positive than negative. Put makeup on and feel fabulous ~ Isabel Bedoya
- Right down positives and negatives for the year. Positives are always bigger than negatives. Always have God by your side ~ Khuraira Musa

After the beauty panel, Handbags of Hope founder, Erika Hernandez reminded us to figure out what you are good at, think about how it makes you feel, and figure out how to use your talent to make money. 

In exchange for bringing a gently used handbag filled with toiletries and snacks for a woman in need, the first 50 women who arrived at the event received a brand new handbag filled with products from sponsors and all other guests received a gift bag.

With Tiffany Pinero

With Isabel Bedoya

 With the Big Hair Girls

 - Kim Weling

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