Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shopping Haul and Recap: United Nude Sample Sale

Today was the last day of the United Nude sample sale! Last Pair samples were $50 and Fold Lo and Fold Mid styles were $35. Shoes were marked on a star system, with shoes priced at $50, $75, $100, $125 and $150. I stopped by on Thursday evening and again today. I'm glad I stopped back in because I got one more pair plus they had large wallets and belts for $20 and small wallets for $10! 

Here are the three pairs of shoes I got at the sale on Thursday evening. 

Rivet Bootie Lo in Brown Pony + Nappa + Gold: $100

UN D'orsy Lo
Last Pair sample: $50

Eamz Oxford Deep Navy Patent Leather + Navy Pony: $125

Here's what I ended up getting on the last day. 

Eamz Tara Steel Metallic Nappa
Last Pair: $50

Rivet Belt Brown
MSRP:$85 / Sale Price: $20
I also got this in Black! 

Rivet Zipper Wallet Black + Gold
MSRP: $159 / Sale Price: $20

Zipper Wallet Gold
MSRP: $95 / Sale Price: $20

Unisex Wallet Bordeaux
MSRP: $85 / Sale Price: $10

- Kim Weling

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