Sunday, October 5, 2014

Concept Korea Spring/Summer 2015 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

This season's fashion collective celebrates Concept Korea's 10th anniversary since Spring/Summer 2010. The three new Korean designers featured this season include LEYII by Seunghee Lee, Beyond Closet by Tae Yong and Resurrection by Juyoung Lee.

LEYII's Spring/Summer 2015 collection. "Rhythmic Contrast", focuses on creme and black, with vibrant purple, fuchsia and yellow. Inspired by Alexander Calder, LEYII uses straight lines and flat surfaces in silk, organza and jacquard separates.

Beyond Closet's Spring/Summer collection titled "B.C.School Gang", features menswear with classic silhouettes blended with graphic tattoo artistry.  It's a combination of preppy and artsy, from navy and white stripe t-shirts, cardigan sweaters and chino pants to satin blouson jackets and leather tees.

Resurrection's Spring/Summer 2015 collection, "Casual and Masculine", is inspired by functional fashion, detailed with lace, zippers and translucent fabrics juxtaposed against masculine shapes to create sexy and edgy looks. The collection focuses on a black, white and gray palette in linen, leather and mesh.


 Beyond Closet


- Kim Weling

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