Monday, April 28, 2014


Last month I joined Zyrtec and Celebrity Makeup Artist  Jamie Greenberg at the ALLERGY FACE™ Beauty Counter at the Macy's Flower Show for a one-on-one beauty makeover. Jamie took me through spring-inspired "looks" and tips and tricks to combat allergy-related beauty challenges like water eyes and a red nose. 

For my beauty makeover, I went with the "Nighttime Statement" look. A smoky eye helps when you are having a puffy eye day. Since I wear contact lenses, my eyes may sometime get watery during allergy season, causing my eyeliner to run. Jamie recommends using a waterproof eyeliner, applying it close to the lashes and setting it with eye shadow. Products used for my "Nighttime Statement" look include: 

Skin: Benefit Cosmetics fakeup medium #2
Brows: Benefit Cosmetics gimme brow medium/deep
Eyes: Benefit Cosmetics Big Beautiful Eyes Kit / 
BADgal liner waterproof - black
Cheeks: Benefit Cosmetics Hervana
Lips: Benefit Cosmetics hoola ultra plush

Click on these additional spring-inspired "looks" for step-by-step tips on how to create them. The "fresh-faced & fabulous" look will help with redness of the nose. 

The "red carpet ready" look is inspired by actress and long-time allergy sufferer, Debra Messing. This look is for those whose allergy-related beauty challenge is a red nose. This look will play down redness by enhancing your eyes and using a makeup highlighter on your skin. 

This "cat eye chic" look is a timeless classic that allows you to focus on making a statement with your eyes.

Try the "barest beauty" look for color correcting redness and contouring your face. 

If you suffer from watery eyes, the "hollywood siren" look allows for less makeup on the eyes and draws focus to a bold, red lip coupled with a contoured face. 

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- Kim Weling

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