Sunday, August 11, 2013

Casio G-Shock's 30th Anniversary with Performance by Eminem

On Wednesday, August 7th, Casio G-Shock celebrated their 30th anniversary with a press conference featuring special guests James Marsden, Jessica Stam, Brook Lopez and Louie Vito at Basketball City, 299 South Street, Pier #34. During the press conference, three exclusive timepieces were presented: MTG, Rangeman and GDX6900.

The excitement centered around the MT-G Metal Twisted G-Shock Collection, consisting of luxury timepieces creafted at Casio's advanced factory in Yamagata, Japan, for select premium styles. Jessica Stam introduced the fashionable Baby-G BA110, BA111 and BA112 timepieces, available in nine colorways with a layered 3D metallic face. My favorite is the white Baby-G with rose gold, which would look perfect on a petite wrist. Other announcements included the launch of the new 2nd Generation Bluetooth model, lightening yellow models, G-Aviation model and many more.
After the press conference, guests enjoyed an opening act performance by Yelawolf and the anticipated hour long performance by Eminem, singing "Criminal", "Lose Yourself", Won't Back Down", and "Love The Way You Lie".
Check out last year's G-Shock press conference and Eminem performance here.

Introduction of MT-G Metal Twisted G-Shock Collection

James Marsden talks men's fashion and introduces the MT-G luxury timepieces

Here's a look at making sure watch standards are met, through various forms of testing

Brooke Lopez

Jessica Stam introduces Baby-G

Louis Vito introduces the GLS-8900LV

Here are a few clips from Eminem's performance

- Kim Weling

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