Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sodacase Customizable iPhone 5 Cases

During CE Week, I had a chance to check out Sodacase designs and cases. I am really impressed with their unique printing technique in which their designs are printed directly onto the plastic case, creating a raised print and embossed feel. It's stylish and functional, as the embossed pattern makes the case easier to grip and prevent slipping and dropping, with resistance to fading and scratches. Each case also comes with a matching microfiber for cleaning your phone, iPad, or sunglasses. 

You can even customize your own case with one of Sodacase's patterns or by uploading your own pattern or image from facebook or instagram. I customized my own iPhone 5 case, by uploading a signature ink and watercolor print by my cousin, artist Jayson Atienza. You may recognize Jayson's designs from his most recent shoe collaboration with Bucketfeet, currently available at treasure & bond. My customized case also arrived with the matching microfiber cloth. 

You can shop available cases at, or customize your own here. If you decide to customize your own case, you can get $10.00 off by applying code SHOW2013 at checkout. I'm so happy with the quality of these cases, I'm sure I'll be getting another one soon, since I can never have enough iPhone cases. My favorite of Sodacase's featured designs is the Red Purple Hibiscus Case - Duchess Prescott Case.

- Kim Weling


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    You can utilize Sodacase's customization tool to make your particular hard-shell case focused around a grid layout of your picking, from one major photo to 32 little squares. On some of those squares, you'll have the capacity to toss on some of Sodacase's stock examples, on the off chance that you need to split things up a bit. However, for the most part, you'll need to be utilizing your remarkable stuff, and Sodacase leaves things really open in that respect. You can utilize your Facebook or Instagram accounts to upload photos from those accounts, or simply specifically upload photos put away on your gadget.
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