Monday, March 18, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 'Unpacked' Preview

On Thursday, at Radio City Music Hall, Samsung took a theatrical approach in introducing the new Galaxy S4, acting out new features on stage. I've comfortably been 'Team iPhone' for years, but the Galaxy S4 may actually be the phone that finally gets me to make that switch. I've always felt that with the iPhone I've had access to a broader range of apps and accessories, but there are so many new enhancements on the Galaxy S4 that would be hard to pass up. Apple needs to come up with some new phone innovations or else they are going to find themselves losing out to the competition.

Here are highlights from the presentation, followed by a demo of the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Learn more about the Galaxy S4 here.

Dual Camera and Sound & Shot features

Eraser, Air View, S Translator and Story Album features

S Voice Drive

Samsung Knox, Air Gesture, Air Call-Accept, Smart Scroll / Pause and S Health Features

S Translator Demo

S Health and Dual Camera Demo

Air Gesture and Smart Scroll / Pause Demo

How cool is this? Scroll over a word and the definition pops up!

A packed house at the Galaxy Unpacked Preview

- Kim Weling

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