Sunday, March 17, 2013

GLOSSYBOX 2013 February Box: International Style

The GLOSSYBOX 2013 February Box is all about 'International Style', filled with jet-setting beauty products for your next trip. Evologie's Intensive Blemish Serum and Stay Clear Cream would be the perfect skincare duo for me to pack, since my skin sometimes get irritated in a new climate and environment. I love wearing nail wraps, and can't wait to wear the flashy Giraffe Black on Gold design by Nail Rock.

Here's a look all the beauty goodies you'll find in the 2013 February Box:
  • BVLGARI Eau Parfumee Au The Blanc soap - Full Size $30 / 5.3 oz
  • DA VINCI COSMETICS - Full Size $15 / .06 oz
  • EVOLOGIE eSystem Duo Pack Intensive Blemish Serum & Stay Clear Cream - Full Size $15 / 5 ml
  • LISI Liquid Line Eyeliner - Full Size $7 / .17 oz
  • NAIL ROCK Nail Wraps - Full Size $8 / Full Set
- Kim Weling


  1. The GLOSSYBOX February 2013 edition was a delightful beauty treasure trove! Each carefully curated product showcased a perfect balance of luxury and practicality, leaving me pleasantly surprised. From the glamorous packaging to the high-quality contents, it truly felt like receiving a personalized gift. The diverse selection of beauty items, including skincare and makeup, catered to various preferences, making it an exciting experience for every subscriber. GLOSSYBOX's commitment to delivering premium and trending beauty products made this box a standout, leaving me eagerly anticipating the next month's edition.

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