Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fashion Week Snack Favorites

Unless I happen to be lunching at a fashion week lounge, there's no time to eat in between fashion shows or presentations. I have to rely on purse-size snacks to get me through the day. Here a look at some of my favorites that I'll be sure to have with me at Lincoln Center and at off-site shows.

Balance Bars provide that on-the-go energy without the sugar crash of a candy bar. They contain 14g protein, 200 calories, balanced 40-30-30 nutrition (40% of calories from carbohydrates /30% from quality protein / 30% from dietary fat), excellent source of antioxidants & vitamin D and 23 vitamins & minerals. I've been addicted to the Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch and Double Chocolate Brownie bars.

Fiber One has been a continuing sponsor at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, with 90 Calorie Chocolate Chip Cookie brownies (20% Daily Value of fiber / 5 Grams of fiber per serving) and Chewy Chocolate and Chewy Strawberry PB&J bars (20% Daily Value of fiber / 10% Daily Value of calcium) as the newest products in the Fiber One mix.

Crunchies Food Company offers the perfect snack-on-the-go with their popular pouches of all-natural, freeze dried fruit and vegetables. Some of my favorite Crunchies include Mango, Strawberries, Pear, Salted Edamame, Buttered Sweet Corn and Roasted Veggies. You can view the entire assortment at

Mott's Original Fruit Flavored Snacks and Mott's Medleys Fruit Flavored Snacks made their way into stores this summer. Mott's Medleys Fruit Flavored Snacks, available in Assorted Fruit and Berry varieties are made with real fruit and vegetable juice.

- Kim Weling

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