Sunday, July 1, 2012

QVC Favorite Hair Care and Beauty Oils

Here are my favorite hair care and beauty oils, available at WEN by Chaz Dean Intensive Treatment Oils in the 1 oz. size are the perfect size for summer travels or on-the-go to keep in your purse. The cucumber thyme, tea tree eucalyptus, and lavender mint collection is for fine/medium hair types and the pomegranate rosemary, sweet almond peppermint, fig sweet orange kit is for medium/coarse hair. This versatile intensive treatment oil can be used for the bath or for the body right after showering but before drying off, or can be applied to dry, styled hair or to the scalp as an overnight treatment.

Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum is ultra-light and non-greasy, formulated with argan oil and scented with geranium and bergamot fruit oils. The hair serum is meant for anyone who wants help with split ends and more manageable, yet less dry and frizzy hair. It should leave hair feeling healthier, silkier and shinier. Also included is a bonus 100% argan oil, which can be used as a daily moisturizer on everything from your face to your cuticles to split ends.

Tarte Pure Marajuca Oil is derived from the Amazonian passion flower, and is a powerful and intuitive elixir that instantly absorbs into the skin, delivering a high dose of essential fatty acids and vitamin C to hydrate. This oil should only be applied at night and focuses on brightening, firming and smoothing skin.

Fresh Elixir Ancien reduces the appearance of wrinkles and smoothes the complexion. Handblended in a monastery, these natural oils absorb quickly into the skin to deliver the most precious ingredients in their purest forms.

- Kim Weling

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