Monday, July 23, 2012

Helmut Lang and Theory Sample Sale!

So I never made it to the 'official' Helmut Lang and Theyskens' Theory sample sale last week at 93 Mercer Street. Even though I would have loved to get my hands on some Theyskens' Theory pieces, I'm so glad I missed it because the continuing Helmut Lang sale combined with Theory is one of the best sales Clothingline has ever had.

Sure there are no leather handbags or jackets, but there was plenty of clothing today to go around. Today was the first day of the sale and runs through Thursday. My colleague went around lunchtime and I can honestly say the pieces she got were nowhere to be found by the time I got there at 6pm. As expected, it was crowded, with a long line for the fitting room (10 pieces maximum - if you have more than 10 you are forced to leave them behind), but both lines try on clothes and pay moved quickly. I had about 14 pieces to try on, and lucky for me, the woman in front of me was only holding like 3 pieces so she held on to the 4 extra pieces I had and gave them back to me when we turned the corner.

From what my colleague described, I had expected to see a ton more Helmut Lang on the floor. Everyone was buying it up! But once I got to the fitting room, I saw that there were racks of pieces in there that had been given back to the attendees to put away. I was told there will be no more Helmut Lang restocking - what's out is all they have left. But I am tempted to go back tomorrow since a lot of the merchandise didn't get put back on the floor until they were getting ready to close up.

Now here's the fun part. I get to recap my purchases! I bought 8 pieces for $320! I just realized the pants I bought are actually Theyskens' Theory, not Helmut Lang! I spotted only several random Theyskens' Theory pieces amongst the racks of Theory items.

That leaves 7 Helmut Lang pieces I bought: 2 dresses, 1 skirt, 3 tops, 1 sweater. Now that I add up my purchases, the $ amount seems a little off, but I'm thinking the difference is for tax (no itemized receipt, so make sure you add up your items before you pay just to make sure). Helmut Lang tops are $30, pants are $35, skirts are $35, sweaters are $40 and dresses are $45!

I was so happy to find my size (P) in Helmut Lang, as for Theory, the smallest size I saw was 0, no 00. The Helmut Lang denim runs really small. I contemplated getting size 24 denim leggings and chose not to, but I just may go back tomorrow. It's hard to beat getting Helmut Lang jeans for $35. I am expecting markdowns by Thursday, so I may also go back that day to sift through more of Theory. Most of the pieces I chose said 1SZ on the ticket, which fit fine on me. So if you pick up any items that say 1SZ you may just want to try them on just to make sure they fit. The tan side ruche dress (looks brown in the pic) actually is my favorite purchase. I thought it would be too big but it fit perfectly! Watch out for defective merchandise - lookout for stains, snags, holes or missing buttons. Keep your eye on your pieces - people are grabbing at everything!

If you go to the sale, I'd love to hear what you find. Happy shopping!

- Kim Weling

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  1. I had expected to see a ton more helmut lang on the floor everyone was buying it up but once i got to the fitting room i saw that there were racks of pieces in there that had been given back to the attendees to put away.
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