Sunday, June 3, 2012

TIGI Hair Reborn and Style Treats Haircare

TIGI's new Hair Reborn premium haircare collection utilizes a unique Hyper-Distillation process, refreshing, rejuvenating and restoring hair to its natural, youthful state - smooth, healthy and frizz-free. TIGI Hair Reborn consists of three distinct journeys, each addressing a particular level of damage and includes four targeted products: an in-salon treatment, a shampoo and conditioner and a take-home treatment to maintain purity. The three journeys focus on resuregence for normal to dry hair, awakening for weak, damaged hair and serenity for frizz-prone hair.

I have normal hair so I am more concerned with preventing damage and protecting hair from using daily styling tools. I love using Hydra-Synergy Shampoo ($30) and Hydra-Synergy Conditioner ($32), which is part of the journey of resurgence for dry hair. It's kept my hair healthy, shiny and damage-free for the past month.

To learn more ablout TIGI Hair Reborn, go to

Journey of resurgence for dry hair

Journey of serenity for frizz-prone hair

Journey of awakening for weak, damaged hair

In addition to the three journeys, TIGI also has a line of Style Treats, an advanced styling collection with treatment benefits. My favorite from this line is the Restorative IlluminOil.

The Style Treats collection includes:
- Rebuilding Wax ($30)
- Texturizing Souffle ($30)
- Restorative IlliminOil ($30)
- Resurfacing Lusterizer ($30)
- Colour Protecting Conditioning Tonic ($30)
- Flexible Finishing Hairspray ($30)

- Kim Weling

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