Saturday, June 2, 2012

HSN Launches Snow White & the Huntsman Collection

Heidi Daus: "Hues Loveliest of All" Simulated Pearl Drop Necklace, $129.95 / "Heartfelt Desire" Beaded Drop Necklace, $189.95

HSN has partnered with Universal Pictures to launch fashion, jewelry, beauty and home products inspired by Snow White and the Hunstman, which hit theaters on June 1st. The exclusive capsule collection includes exclusive pieces by costume designer Colleen Atwood, Ranjana Khan, Hutton Wilkinson, Loree Rodkin, Heidi Daus and Adrianne Landau. Some of the motifs you will find in the jewelry include crosses, shields, feathers and butterflies.

Love & Rock by Loree Rodkin Pave Maltese Cross Shield Ring, $39.95

Love & Rock by Loree Rodkin Maltese Cross Bracelets, $69.95 / Bangle Bracelets with Charms (set of five), $89.95

Love & Rock by Loree Rodkin: Simulated Rose Quartz Goldtone Pendant, $89.95 / Crystal 22" Maltese Cross Shield Necklace, $69.95

Love & Rock by Loree Rodkin: Geometric Drop Earrings, $59.95 / Feather Pave Crystal Enhancer Pendant with 18", $79.95 / Large Bib Necklace, $199.95

Heidi Daus Forbidden Fruit Pin, $119.95

Heidi Daus Royal Treatment Necklace, $299.95

Heidi Daus: "Hues Loveliest of All" Simulated Pearl Drop Necklace, $129.95 / The Rare Beauty Necklace, $239.95 / Earrings, $69.95

Heidi Daus: "Maiden Fern" Simulated Pearl Drop Necklace, $269.95 (right) / Endless Beauty Necklace, $469.95 (center)

R.K. by Ranjana Khan: Butterfly Drop Necklace, $129.95 / Butterfly and Feather Drop Necklace, $119.95 / Butterfly Cuff Bracelet, $99.95

Deborah Lippmann Good vs. Evil Set, $29.95
D.L. & Company Pocket Watch with Fragrance and Mirror, $24

RK by Ranjana Khan Clear and White Drop Necklace, $199.95

Right: A by Adrienne Laundau Dress with Spider Web Beading, $159.90

Right: Atwood by Colleen Atwood Smocked Peasant Dress, $149.90

Top left: D.L. & Company Poison Apple candle (set of three), $60
Bottom left: D.L. & Company Enchanted Apple Candle with Swarovski Elements, $450 / Brilliant Fruit Collection, $30
Top right: D.L. & Company Set of 3 Scalloped Mini Candles, $34
Bottom right: Hutton Wilkinson Enchanted Handheld Mirror, $49.95

Richard Mishaan Handcrafted Amethyst Candleholder, $44.95

Richard Mishaan 4-Piece Agate Coaster (available in sets of teal, purple, natural, pink and blue), $49.95

D.L. & Company Butterfly Plates (set of four), $78

- Kim Weling


  1. The main reason to see it (on the big screen, especially) are the delicious, evocative production elements.

    Grace Crawford (San Antonio TX)

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