Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vantan Tokyo Fall 2012

Vantan Tokyo is new to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, having been held three times prior during Paris Fashion Week, starting in 2009. Vantan Tokyo creates a platform for Vantan Design Institute's students to launch their creative career. Vantan has been offering unique design education programs, resulting in graduates with highly developed design techniques and practical business skills.

This season's Vantan Tokyo showcase includes designs from Cheryl Chee, Masato Miyata, Yuya Kubohara and Cheung Siu Yan.

Australian-born Cheryl Chee graduated with honors from RMIT University, worked as an intern for HISUI and launched her own brand "part of" in 2010. She entered Vantan X-SEED Program in 2011. Cheryl Chee's theme for her collection is 'Preservation of me'. My favorite pieces include the cut fur dress and black leather jacket with white shirt and beige skirt.

Born in Japan, Masato Miyata got experience in wholesale manufacturing at OEM company, after studying architecture at the University. Masato entered Vantan Design Institute in 2008 and entered Vantan X-SEED in 2011. Masato's brand is called mi__s, with a theme centering on 'to hide = to show". The palette includes pink, silver and pastel prints.

Yuya Kubohara, also from Japan, entered Vantan Design Institute in 2009. Yuya was awarded JFA Fur Design Contest "Second prize" and entered Vantan X-SEED Program in 2011. Yuya Kubohara's theme centers arounf the "Graphical Girl", including graphic knits and leggings.

Hong-Kong born Cheung Siu Yan was awarded New Designer Fashion GrandPrix, Women's wear "Workmanship Rrize" in 2007. In 2010 she was awarded Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers Contest "Grand prize". Cheung interned for Vivienne Westwood London head office. Her brand SWANZI, has a theme of "nature in her eyes". The palette centers on black, blue and gray. Her collection includes print leggings, leather, silks and sheer fabrics.

- Kim Weling

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