Friday, February 17, 2012

Rebecca Taylor Fall 2012

Kaleidoscope hooded jacket, onyx lace shift dress, graphite chiffon leggings

When it comes to Rebecca Taylor, I'm used to girly glam looks and feminine print dresses, but for Fall 2012 it's more of a chic, edgy glam, with lots of leather, leggings and layering.

Key leather pieces include a shift, quilted jacket, quilted skirt and vest. I'm in love with all the leggings - from nail head to leather pieced and perforated leggings. Some of my other favorite pieces include the onyx lace shift dress, leather trim shell, sequin print skirt, tailored blazers, velvet pant and long print dresses.

Left: Bordeaux leather shift, plum python shirtdress, charcoal nail head leggings
Right: Double faced coat with shearling collar, leather trim shell, sequin print skirt, perforated leather leggings

Left: Quilted carbon leather jacket, charcoal wool tailored blazer, sequins print sleeveless shell, twilight velvet pant
Right: Snake velvet burnout dress

Left: Ivory boucle sweater, quilted bordeaux leather skirt, charcoal nail head leggings
Right: Shearling moto jacket, jade ribbed sweater, sequins print shirtdress, black ribbed leggings

Quilted bordeaux leather vest, herringbone tailored blazer, color blocked sweater, feather print silk skirt, leather pieced leggings

Left: Crinkle jacquard jacket, sequin print tank dress
Right: Glitter print dress


Check out the finale walk of the show:

- Kim Weling

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