Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Toni Francesc Fall / Winter 2011

In "GARUDA" everything that burns turns to ash, only to return to life, like the Phoenix.

Toni Francesc Fall / Winter 2011 is inspired by the Phoenix, an eagle-sized bird with red plumage that burns in its own flames and rises from its ashes.

The palette includes golds, oranges and reds, signifying the intensity of flames through silk, while ash grays and blacks are shown in wool. Many of the looks are suitable for the office or for an evening out after - silk blouses paired with pants or skirts nip at the waist and accentuate the body.

Nashelle Jewelry collaborated with Toni Francesc for Fall 2011, presenting hammered gold pieces accented with rich, earth toned jewels. The handmade jewelry was a perfect fit for Toni’s collection, inspired by all things nature and made of 100% recycled material.

Here's a
link to the show, courtesy of Toni Francesc.

- Kim Weling

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