Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mara Hoffman Fall / Winter 2011

For Fall / Winter 2011, Mara Hoffman features long gowns and dresses, chunky knits and coats in red, black and prints including “Hunter” (Feather camouflage), "Arrows” (Tribal),“Wolfy” (Dreamcatcher), “Kiko” (Geometric) and “Traveler” (Zebra).

The pieces are accented with tassles, braiding and embroidery. Fabrics include stretch silk georgette, chiffon and silk jersey.

As Mara explains, "My influence for this collection started with my husband, Javier Piñón,who's last body of work, entitled O Babalon,has been an enormous inspiration to me. We constantly inspire oneanother and because we are expecting our first child together, asartists we feel more creatively connected than ever.” O Babalon consists of collages built around depictions of an earth goddess, her attendants, priestesses and their mystical terrain. The juxtapositionof spiritual being and warrior, “where veil meets turban,” provides a jumping point for the collection’s aesthetic.

Jewelry by All For The Mountain

- Kim Weling

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