Friday, August 20, 2010

Introducing Levi's® Curve ID - A Revolutionary New Way to Shop for Denim

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Photo credit: photographer Phillip Angert
Levi’s® Curve ID expert Kris Tulin (left) on hand to measure the demo models

On Thursday, August 19th, Levi’s® held a press event at their Soho store, to introduce Levi’s® Curve ID - their unique, customized fit system focusing on a woman's shape and proportions, not her size.

The three custom fits of the new line — Slight, Demi and Bold Curve, are based on the measurement between a woman’s hip and seat — the greater the difference, the more curvy the body. Pocket size and placement are created especially to enhance the derriere.

As soon as I got to the event one of the Curve ID fit specialists took me through my fit consultation and measured me to see which fit was right for me. I found that the measurements she was taking was not about my waist size, but about my body shape and degree of curve. I guessed my fit, which is Slight Curve. This fit is available as a skinny, straight or skinny boot. I preferred the skinny fit, so I was ushered over to that area where I can pick out which washes I wanted to try on. I was able to choose from black, or a medium or dark blue wash. I went with the dark blue (Glazed color). My pair was complimentary, but this wash /fit I chose is reasonably priced at $59.50. The price point for Levi’s® Curve ID is between $59.50 - $79.50.

My waist size is a 24, and unfortunately the available sizing in-store was 25, so it is a little big in the waist (nothing a belt won't fix!). I did notice that they do carry a 24 in this wash/style online at This skinny fit is more of a comfortable skinny, so it wasn't skin tight all over. It was fitted in the waist and hip and slightly looser in the leg (then again I am so tiny that there are many skinny jeans that fit loose on me!). If you are looking for a really snug fit, try Levi’s® 5 Pocket Legging - it's available online in size 0.

I think it's an innovative way to shop, especially for people with curves! I may be tiny, but I do have some slight curves!

Here's a look at all three fits. What's your Levi’s® Curve ID? You can
take the quiz at

Slight Curve
- Defines your waist and enhances your curves
- Available in skinny, straight or skinny boot

Demi Curve
- Flatters your waist and smooths your shape
- Available in skinny, straight, skinny boot or boot

Bold Curve
- hugs your waist and no gaping or pulling
- available in skinny, straight or boot

- Kim Weling

See how Levi’s® Curve ID fit system works. Levi’s® studied and listened to women from around the world, and identified three distinct body types that account for 80% of women's shapes.

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