Sunday, August 22, 2010

GRAM™ Skincare Launch

Last month I attended the launch of GRAM™ Skincare's new line of products, utilizing the hottest advancement in skincare- apple stem cell technology. The launch was held at Dos Caminos (Midtown), as guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, including my favorite at Dos Caminos - the guacamole!

GRAM™ Skincare is a professional apothecary skincare line that focuses on the treatment of skin inflammation. Harnessing the power of a unique combination of certified organic, natural and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, cutting edge technology and a hands-on approach to formulating, Dr. Gram is committed to delivering highly effective gentle skincare. It is the perfect prescription for your skin.

I got there at the tail end of the event, but I did get there in time to meet Dr. Gram (super-friendly and sweet!) as he took me through the product line. Two of GRAM™ Skincare's most popular products are the eye rescue, which works to diminish dark circles, puffiness and discoloration and the daily moisturizer. Some new products that are coming soon include the clarifying moisturizer, daily moisturizer with SPF, men's line, anti-aging regimen, and baby skin care.

I was also able to have my personalized skincare analysis done, to determine which products are the best for me to use. I recently received my results and personalized skincare products to try out, along with the daily cleaner/clarifying cleanser/daily scrub pack that I received at the launch.

Here was my results of my skincare analysis:
Dr. Gram noticed that t-zone is oily, as is typical and there are some skintexture issues in this area. He also spotted inflammation of the forehead and rightcheek, as well as some sun damage around mouth and lips. Skin is thin and dehydratedaround the forehead, cheeks and nose, although the eye tissue is in great shape.

I've constantly been told I need to keep myself hydrated, exfoliate on a regular basis and be sure to incorporate SPF into my regimen. So I'm not surprised with my results.

I was given the SKIN 1 regimen, powerful yet mild. Dr. Gram's gentle and effective Nutra-Vit Complex is composed of only the purest and most essential pharmaceutical grade ingredients. In every Skin 1 product, Dr. Gram pairs this signature combination with natural herbal blends to cleanse, revitalize and protect skin.

My SKIN 1 products I am currently using include the
clarifying mask (use once a week), clarifying cleanser, daily scrub and daily moisturizer. I just started using the products so I look forward to seeing the results soon and improving on my skin issues. Thank you Dr. Gram!

Learn more about GRAM™ Skincare at

- Kim Weling

Dr. Gram

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