Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sprayology - Homeopathic and Vitamin Oral Sprays

Are you not fond of taking vitamins or pills? You may instead want to opt for Sprayology - herb, vitamin, and mineral based oral sprays. I first learned of Sprayology at a Spa Week kickoff event at The Westin Hotel in April. I tried the C + Z vitamin oral spray/dietary supplement right then and there and wanted to try these sprays out long term.

The sweet C + Z spray enhances your immune system and tastes even better and than those chewable vitamin C tablets. But like vitamins, in order for it to be effective you must spray as scheduled. For this particular spray you must spray it a total of 10 times per day under your tongue (while holding it for 20 seconds before swallowing) - 5 sprays in the morning and 5 sprays in the evening. I've been taking this spray for a little over a month now and I must admit I did get lazy with spraying it for a few days and what happens? I get sick! So now I am making sure I am back to consistently using the spray. I really think it has helped my immune system and have noticed a difference when I started spraying it and when I momentarily stopped.

The C + Z spray ingredients include Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate and Ascorbic Acid), 60 mg, Sodium (Sodium Ascorbate), 6mg and Zinc (Zinc Gluconate), 15mg, as well as purified water, fructose, glycerin, citric acid, apricot flavor and potassium sorbate.

I am also currently taking the Brain Power homeopathic spray, which is supposed to help relieve the symptoms of an unfocused or tired mind, including short-term memory lapses, confused thinking, difficulty in making decisions and lack of concentration. I definitely don't get enough sleep so this is definitely a good spray for me to use.

There are so many other sprays Sprayology offers that can just about tailor to anyone's needs - B-12 + Folic Acid (which I definitely want to try next since I am low on B-12), AllergEase (have a friend that is taking this and says it absolutely works for her), City Life Detoxer, SleepEase, Stress Relief, TravelEase (to help relieve jet lag) and many more. There are a total of about 20 different sprays. The sprays retail at either $20 or $24.

These sprays make excellent gift ideas and stocking stuffers for the holidays, so I've already put this on my gifting list. I actually bought the C + Z spray for my mom for Mother's Day and she absolutely loved it! You can purchase Sprayology at

- Kim Weling

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