Sunday, April 25, 2010

Train Wine Club Wine Tasting Event

How excited was I when I heard that my favorite band from my college days was hosting their first wine tasting event at Angels & Kings? I caught the tail end of the event, featuring wines from Mendocino County, California. The featured wine of the month is an organic 2007 Sauvignon Blanc from Paul Dolan Vineyards (enter promo code TRAINSB for 15% off on the 07 Sauvignon Blanc at Unfortunately, I didn't get to do that much wine tasting. I decided to try the Petite Sirah and was absolutely hooked! I need to find out how I can get that wine!

Unfortunately I didn't see Jimmy but I did get to speak to Scott briefly, as he mentioned there are plans to hold future wine tastings.

If you aren't familiar with Train (not sure how you can't be) the band is originally from San Francisco and includes Patrick Monahan (lead singer), Jimmy Stafford (lead guitarist) and Scott Underwood (drummer). I remember seeing Train in concert almost 10 years ago at Town Point Park in Norfolk, VA. "Meet Virginia" was one of my favorite songs while in college in VA, and my love for their music continued on with "Tell Me" from the Drops of Jupiter album. I am so glad they are back stronger than ever with "Hey, Soul Sister" (3 million singles sold - congrats!).

If you'd like to learn more about the Train Wine Club and their favorite wines, check it out at

- Kim Weling

Pat Monahan and Kim Weling

Scott Underwood and Kim Weling

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