Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mara Hoffman Fall 2010

Carly Margolis of Living Sacrifice and All For The Mountain

Mara Hoffman's Fall 2010 dresses, gowns and leggings included a kaleidescope of prints - tribal, dip-dyed hues and bright, trippy ones. I especially like the strapless print mini dress that zippers down the front. That dress would be easy to layer a piece over or underneath it. I was also drawn to the asymmetrical gowns and dresses.

The presentation, held at Openhouse Gallery, included the debut of a
Mara Hoffman original film, "Hysterical Levitation" and a live performance by Living Sacrifice, Carly Margolis and Matthew Morgan, who were both dressed in Mara Hoffman.

Carly Margolis is also the jewelry designer for
All For The Mountain, whose jewelry is featured on the Fall 2010 looks. The compelling prints, jewelry, music and film all evoked a cosmic, spiritual and powerful feeling flowing throughout the clothes and presentation as the guests took it all in.

- Kim Weling

Mara Hoffman
talks about her Fall 2010 collection

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