Monday, February 15, 2010

Gen Art New Garde Fashion Presentation & Party

GAR—DE Presentation

Sophomore Presentation

NOMIA Presentation

WesFeld Presentation

On February 10th, the eve of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I found myself braving a snowstorm in a cocktail dress and snow boots to attend Gen Art's New Garde fashion presentation and party at Drive In Studios. The snow didn't seem to stop anybody else - as it was a jam packed event. There were four separate fashion presentations including GAR—DE, Nomia, Sophomore and WesFeld. The event, also presented by Plastics Make It PossibleSM, was hosted by Molly Sims.

Sophomore took a different approach to their presentation, showing their collection via a live photo shoot. Photographers, media outlets and guests were welcome to take pictures of the shoot as the photographer shot each look.

WesFeld's winning designs from the 2009 Plastics Make it PossibleSM competition is inspired by elements of water and nature. Poly-organza, poly-taffeta and plastic boning are used in creating their stunning pieces. The pieces are modern works of art. The bright orange gown brought a nice pop of color to the looks.

During the presentation and party, guests were enjoyed makeovers by Maybelline, and drinks courtesy of Patrón Tequila cocktails, Bud Light Lime beer, Kim Crawford wines, and Honest Tea.

- Kim Weling

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