Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marina Rinaldi Accessories

Equita suede clutch

Bojer cobra-print calfskin pochette

Bazzo messenger bag

Croc-print bag raffled off to one lucky winner

For those of you who are not familiar with the Marina Rinaldi brand, they are owned by MaxMara and carry larger women’s sizes 10-22 and shoes starting at a size 7. So what would I be doing at a Marina Rinaldi event? I friend wanted to go, so I thought I would come along and check it out. As a petite person, just because I can’t shop the clothes at Marina Rinaldi doesn’t mean that I can’t shop the accessories!

There were several Marina Rinaldi bags made of fine Italian leather that I found to be sophisticated, elegant and just my style. My favorites included the messenger bag, cobra-print calfskin pochette with internal strap and signed closure with logo, croc-print leather bag with zip closure. I also adore the shiny calfskin with shaped flap closure and ostrich-print calfskin handbags. So it’s very possible to find a new handbag or accessory where you least expect it.

- Kim Weling

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