Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clickfree™ Automatic Backup – Efficient and Fashionably Petite

So I’ve had my computer for 5 years now, and believe it or not I have never backed up any of my files. I always think of that Sex and The City episode where Carrie is typing away on her Mac and all of a sudden her Mac makes a sad face and shuts off, erasing all her files. I don’t have a Mac, but I do have hundreds of articles and pictures stored on my pc.

I have finally found a solution to all my worrying. Several times while at Costco and Best Buy, I have checked out the hard drives and could never decide which one to get.

From testing it out for myself, I can honestly say that my portable Clickfree™ Automatic Backup HD225 ($129.99), is the one to go with. Not only do I love the cherry red finish and sleek design (it is flask-size!), there is no software, installation or setup needed! It also backs up your files without you having to click and drag to arrange them. It’s also multi-pc compatible, so it can backup multiple computers!

I’m not much for taking the time to read directions, so I literally just plugged the USB into the backup system and connected it to my computer. It took about two tries of plugging the USB into my computer before it recognized the new software, but once it did, the backup system was hard at work. It took about 2 hours to back up all of my 2,774 files, including 107 videos and 273 text documents. This hard drive backs up over 400 file types, and sorted all my files accordingly - into spreadsheets, text documents, music, and images.

If you are backing up your files for the very first time, the only suggestion I have is to not back them up while you are working on your computer, as backing up the files slowed my computer down drastically while I tried to type articles, send emails and upload images simultaneously.

Believe it or not, I didn’t even understand what the icons on the hard drive meant until after I had backed up my files. There’s a power icon as well as a second icon of 3 stacked discs, which represents the hard drive power. Both icons were lit up when I was backing up the files so I had figured that the files were in transfer mode.

So I get to backup any added files anytime I want and have stopped worrying about losing all my files. I also have a ton of space left on my 250GB* drive. I definitely need a new computer soon, but until then, I can continue to backup my files and free up some computer space.

I am happy to own a practical and simple piece of technology with a slim design and fashion forward look! I highly recommend buying a Clickfree™ Automatic Backup for yourself or as a gift! Clickfree™ also offers a credit card size backup for jetsetters and people on the go. Thank you Clickfree™!

- Kim Weling

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  1. Kibup ( http://www.kibup.com ) do the same things as clickfree. But you can do it on your proper Hard disk. You do not have to buy a specific USB Hard disk.