Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fine Jewelry School Workshop at the Kristin Hanson Diamond Atelier

Kristin Hanson

On May 9th, I had attended a special cocktail reception and press preview at the Kristin Hanson Diamond Atelier and Fine Jewelry School at 60 Reade Street.

During the preview I had a chance to work on my own metalsmithing skills by designing and creating my own piece of jewelry. All I have to say is making your own piece of jewelry takes a lot of time and patience, and since I had another event I had to run off to, I wasn't able to complete my piece. I had attempted something simple - an upside down triangle, but I ended up breaking the blade three times while trying to saw out the triangle. I learned how to put the saw blade in, but it is very delicate and not easy to cut through the metal with it. Of course after you saw out the design you have to smooth it out and work on the finish, which I didn't get to. So I have a new found respect for jewelry designers out there that handcraft each of their pieces. It was a great experience though, one I would love to try again.

The Fine Jewelry School workshop is equipped with all the state-of-the-art machines and tools you would need, including jewelry benches with flex shafts, milling and polishing machines, soldering stations, ultrasonic cleaner, engraving tools and more.

The loft space can be used for private events, photo shoots as a gallery to showcase your work.

Here are pieces from Kristin Hanson's preview:

Left: KIKI Gold Bone necklace
Right: KIKI Raw Diamond Starfish ring

Left: Kaori Ring
Right: Lauren Ring

Sapphire Urchin Necklace

- Kim Weling


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