Monday, December 2, 2019

Amundsen Sports NYC Pop Up Shop

Norwegian performance brand Amundsen Sports, known for there heritage-inspired apparel and footwear is hosting a pop up in NYC through the end of this year at the Westerlind store, located at 29 Spring Street. 

At the pop up opening, I met with industrial designer Jorgen Amundsen, who co-founded Amundsen Sports in 2009 with Norwegian explorer and skier Erik Friis. Jorgen is a relative of Roald Amundsen, who set out to explore the South Pole in 1911, and lived with the Inuits to study their knowledge of cold weather survival and also explored cutting edge technology. 

Amundsen Sports is best known for the technical knickerbocker, combining traditional ski wear with modern materials and functionality. Amundsen Sports is focused on building a sustainable, contemporary wardrobe, using natural materials such as wool, corduroy and cotton.

- Kim Weling


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