Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Factory by Steve Madden Fragrance Launch

On Friday, September 21st, I attended the launch of The Factory, Steve Madden's first-ever fragrance collection comprised of five unique scents. The collection is all about how personal style and self-expression fluidly evolve with every mood, vibe, and feel. 

Steve Madden unveiled the new scents with a multi-sensory pop up experience at 168 Bowery. The pop up featured installations by Reed + Radar, Michael Bianchino, Adela Andea, Lucia Hierro & Larissa McCoy. Each installation was meant to inspire a different facet within you as you experience each scent - the dreamer, the flirt, the risk-taker, the boss, or the traveler.

"We've been talking about doing fragrance for 10 years and the smell is so important," says Steve Madden. Check out the full interview here on IGTV.

Here's a closer look at each fragrance:

We Need to Talk
You know exactly what you want and you let others know it. 
Key Ingredients: Matcha latte, cucumber, jasmine petals, caramel

Secret Girls Club
Sometimes you just need to reset. Beach trip? *Renames group chat to Secret Girls Club*
Key Ingredients: Watermelon, fleur de monoi, frangipani, vanilla woods

Delusional Heart
Always imagining Oscar-worthy scenarios of how your romance could play out. We're here for it. 
Key Ingredients: Pink pineapple, ivy, dewy jasmine, marshmallow

She Plays With Fire
Tinder date go-to's: Sky diving lesson or crashing a wedding for the hell of it.
Key Ingredients: Marshmallow, birchwood, addictive musks

Kiss My Rose
On the rare occasion that people see you without your rose-red lipstick, and heels. They ask if you're not feeling well. Tell 'em. 
Key Ingredients: Warm nutmeg, geranium, red rose petals, spiced woods

- Kim Weling

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