Saturday, June 18, 2016

Last Minute Father's Day Gifting: Beard Guyz Products

Everywhere I go, men sporting beards seem to be the trend. I'm all for it, as long as the guy can pull it off and keeps their beard properly groomed. Whether you are just sporting some scruff or a full on beard, Beard Guyz offers several products to keep that beard intact, including beard balm, oils, wash and conditioner. 

Beard Wash 35 ($14.99) works for all beard types and is gentle enough to use everyday. It contains 35 natural and organic ingredients, including botanical and fruit extracts blended with keratin and protein. Beard Wash 35 cleans, moisturizes and conditions your beard and skin, removing daily oils and impurities while leaving your beard feeling clean and soft. 

Beard Conditioner 25 ($14.99) moisturizes and conditions hair of the beard, adding fullness, softness and shine. It contains 25 natural and organic ingredients including oils, butters, extracts, vitamins & conditioners. 

Now which product to you use next - beard balm or beard oil? Beard balm is great for larger beards and for fullness, styling and control with more of a matte finish. Beard Oil provides more of a sheen. Or you may choose to work in both products, or alternate between them, depending on whether you continue growing your beard or trimming it down. 

Beard Balm 25 ($14.99) is available for fine/medium hair or course hair. It helps to soften and condition the beard while moisturizing the skin. It is non-greasy, absorbs quickly into the skin and has a blend of 25 natural conditioning butters, oils and extracts.

Beard Oil 25 ($14.99) contains 25 natural and organic oils. You apply several drops after washing and towel drying your beard. Beard Oil 25 softens and conditions facial hair while moisturizing the skin to prevent dryness or irritation. 

Beard Guyz products make the perfect last minute gift for Father's Day and can be found at Walgreens. If you go to the Beard Guyz website at you can get a special 30% off for Father's Day with code FATHER30 until June 30th.

Check out the starter packs and gift sets and lookout for Beard Guyz accessories and trial sizes coming soon! 

- Kim Weling

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