Thursday, April 21, 2016

Backstage at Hickey Freeman Fall/Winter 2016 at New York Fashion Week: Mens

Backstage at Hickey Freeman Fall/Winter 2016, for New York Fashion Week: Mens, Anton K. for Artis and Sisley Paris walked me through model prep for the presentation. Check out my interview with Anton K. as he goes over the function and performance of the Artis Fluenta Collection, specifically with the Artis Fluenta Oval 8, and how it helps to easily and effectively apply Sisley products to achieve the look for each model. 

The Artis Fluenta Collection has a beautiful design aesthetic, with a metallized "chrome finish, with a matte black microtextured grip section. The elongated neck provides fluidity for more control and flexibility when applying makeup. The collection uses CosmeFibre®, which is a trademark engineered fibre developed exclusively for superior makeup application and outperforms animal hair by reisting UV, chemical challenges, and wear testing for more consistent application than animal hair used in conventional makeup brushes. 

Here's my interview with Jon Reyman for Aveda, as he takes me through the four different hair looks for the presentation.

Adam Caldera is my favorite male model, who models under Ford and is also in med school. I couldn't stay to see Adam in his look for the presentation but it was great running into him!

- Kim Weling

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