Thursday, January 15, 2015

Inside the C. Wonder 75% Off Store Closing Sale

So tonight I stopped by the C. Wonder's Soho Flagship, which will be the last store to close in a few weeks. There was plenty of stock left, from clothes and shoes to monogram cheese boards and candles. I can't believe it has been 3 years since I attended the grand opening at Columbus Circle. It's sad to see C. Wonder go, but at the same time I'm not surprised. Have I ever actually shopped at C. Wonder and purchased something? I would have to say no, until now.

The one item I have always loved that they carry are the monogram lacquer jewelry boxes, and at 75% off they go from $78 to $19.50. I now have four of these boxes, in black, white, orange and cerulean blue. There are plenty left throughout the Soho store in various initials, and just a few left in pink and navy. I just wish they had been available in 'W'. I had gotten the cerulean blue one at and the white one on, both at 50% off. You might find C.Wonder items on that are no longer available at or at the store, but items are still priced at 50% off, not 75%. At I was lucky enough to also snag the Buffalo Check Tea for One for $24.00.

I also picked up the Buffalo Check Wool Zip Top Pouch in Grey/Black, for $14.50 (marked down from $58).

Fixtures and displays were also going pretty quickly. I got a few gold bins for $10 each, and a gold tray for $15. I would have liked to get some of the jewelry fixtures but some were just too heavy to bother. 

If you plan on getting some of the sweaters, note that several of them at are marked down, plus an additional 75% off, whereas in store it's just 75% off the full price. I was disappointed with the quality of the clothing in person, so no sweaters for me.

If you do shop at, be sure to sign up to receive their emails (even though the site is shutting down at the end of the month) to get an additional 20% off code sent to you. 

Since I never actually made it to the C. Wonder sample sale, I was happy to make it to the store and shop online. This sale so reminded me of the highly discounted Target x Neiman Marcus holiday collaboration. There are still some items from that collection I wish I could have gotten! Don't have any shopping regrets! Get to the C. Wonder sale before it's gone for good!

- Kim Weling

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