Monday, December 15, 2014

InStyler TULIP Auto Curler Launch

Last month I attended the launch for the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler, which gives you beautiful curls and waves in seconds! It's the perfect gift for someone who needs a new hair styling tool! It's the most unique curler I've ever come across, with a lightweight, ergonomic, open barrel design and dual rotating, ceramic barrel. 

This heat styler allows you to achieve several different looks, from beachy waves and soft curls to medium, body and tight curls. The open design and generous space surrounding the barrel keep hair visible at all times to prevent it from getting tangled or jammed in the unit. The 2-way rotating barrel allows you to curl away from or towards your face without switching hands or changing the TULIP's position, resulting in natural, flowing curls. 

I was surprised at how quick it was to curl my hair, and I loved how it allowed me to take bigger sections of my hair to curl at a time. I have to admit, it looked a little intimidating at first and felt awkward holding it but was easy enough once I put a section of my hair through it and around the barrel. My hair never got tangled in it either and I have really long hair! I stuck with the M heat setting and kept it on 8 seconds for some wavy curls. 

After a quick demo at the preview, I had tried curling my hair with the InStyler TULIP, and then used it for the first time on my own when I brought it into work to get ready for the International Emmys, which took place on November 24th. My colleagues were definitely curious to see how I curled my hair with my InStyler TULIP, and thought my curls looked natural and effortless, in just 15 minutes.
Normally when I curl my own hair with rollers or a curling iron, the curls never seem to stay but my curls were still holding up at the end of the night. I've tried other auto curlers and this is definitely my favorite. It has the most features and styling options, and I feel like I can safely curl my hair without burning myself with the barrel. 

The InStyler TULIP ($99.99) is available in-store at Ulta and Bed Bath & Beyond and online at For tips and tricks to beautiful curls, visit

The TULIP's features include:
  • 2-Way Heated Rotating Barrel - smoothes hair as it creates friz-free shiny curls without pulling or tugging, reducing breakage and damage
  • Open Barrel - leaves hair visible and exposed at all times, protecting it from tangling or jamming in the unit, and allowing you to curl long and thick hair
  • Cool Touch Safety Guard - prevents contact with the hot barrel and allows you to place the tool directly against your head without burning yourself
  • 3 Rotating Settings - easily switches the barrel right, left or auto, which alternates rotation left to right after each completed curl
  • Timer Switch - 3 timer settings to select 3, 8 or 12 seconds to create your desired look
  • 3 Heat Settings Up To 430 degrees Fahrenheit - allows you to select the perfect heat setting for fine, medium or thick hair
  • Powder Indicator Light - blinking light notifies you once the tool is ready for use
  • Auto Safety Shut-Off - to leave you worry-free

At the International Emmys, sporting natural, loose waves created with the InStyler TULIP Auto Curler

- Kim Weling

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