Monday, April 1, 2013

Rent the Runway Sample Sale

The Rent the Runway Sample Sale just started today, and even though it is chaotic to shop through, it's well worth it. I stopped by this afternoon and it was incredibly crowded. Since you are only allowed to bring 5 pieces at a time into the fitting room, people were just trying on dresses out in the open in every corner and alongside the racks. Half of the dresses were either on the floor or being returned from the fitting room.  I'll definitely going to stop by the sale again, since I usually come across dresses I didn't see the first time around. One thing I did notice is that pricing seems to be lower than their previous sales. Many of the dresses I spotted were under $100, even gowns, which they had a ton of! 

Even though I didn't end up getting it, I tried on the Diane Von Furstenberg Lemon Kairi Dress for $27 (retails for $345). I ended up just getting the Helmut Lang Rogue Dress for $70 (originally retails for $445). I also picked up a Sachin + Babi red skinny belt from the accessories bin for $10. This time around there was a larger selection of jewelry, and clutch bags from Kate Spade, Diane Von Furstenberg and Lauren Merkin. 

Here's the Helmut Lang dress I picked up!

- Kim Weling

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