Saturday, August 11, 2012

New at Sephora - Benefit Lip & Cheek Kit and How to Look the Best at Everything Kit

Last month I attended the Benefit Instant Beauty 101 and "Kicking Some Class!" session at Sephora. The beauty crash course featured an introduction to the new Complexion and Lip & Cheek Kits ($28) - Sugarlicious, Go TropiCORAL & Feelin' Dandy and How To Look the Best at Everything ($30) flawless complexion kits in Light, Medium and Deep, exclusively at Sephora. The Lip & Cheek Kit comes with a lip & cheek stain, luminescent complexion enhancer, face powder and lip gloss. How to Look Best at Everything comes with a PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores, brightening liquid foundation, industrial-strength concealer and custom powder cover-up.

Professor Maggie Ford Danielson (AKA Benefit Global Beauty Authority) and Sephora Pro Lead, Gilbert Soliz provided tips and tricks on how to utilize the all-in-one kits and look good on the go.
These kits combine instant beauty with Sephora PRO's expertise!

The Benefit Lip & Cheek Kit and How to Look the Best at Everything Kit both have simple, step-by-step tips and tricks attached, for quick application. These kits are easy to throw in your tote bag or perfect for leaving in your office drawer for afternoon/evening touch-ups. I love how the kits are so compact and include all the beauty essentials you need!

These new Benefit kits are now available at sephora stores and online at

Gilbert Soliz and Maggie Ford Danielson

Photos courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

- Kim Weling