Monday, January 2, 2012

Jane by Design Style Challenge #6: Pretzel Inspired Hair Accessories

For my Jane by Design Challenge #6, we had to take inspiration from a bag of Snyder's of Hanover pretzels* - sticks, snaps or regular mini pretzels and I went with the pretzel sticks.

Just looking at the straight, horizontal shape of the pretzels made me think of this Charlotte Russe necklace I knew I wasn't going to use and I immediately thought of what I would do with the horizontal jeweled pieces.

I removed the bow on a black headband and glued the jeweled pieces on, at first in a zigzag pattern and then decided it looked to ornate so I started over and simplified it a bit by adding only a few pieces and then adding gold beads in between.

Then I decided to take a few more of the jeweled pieces and glue them onto bobby pins. It took more than a few tries to glue the pieces on to both the headband and the bobby pins since the back surface was not smooth but finally after carefully applying the pieces stayed in place.

Share how you have been inspired to make something fashionable out of unexpected items at and mention that Fashionably Petite sent you!

Also, take a look at this Jane by Design clip here, which provided some additional inspiration for this challenge.

Jane by Design premieres tomorrow night at 9/8c on ABC Family! Make sure you watch it!

*Pretzels, dress form and Game Trunk provided by ABC Family

- Kim Weling

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