Monday, May 30, 2011

Disney Store Launches New Line of Fragrances, Lotions and Candles

The Disney Store will be launching a new line of premium fragrances, lotions and candles in June, so definitely look out for it the next time you are there.

Back in March I had previewed the collections at The London Hotel penthouse. There are three collections - Imagination, Magic and Pixie Dust.

The Imagination collection is inspired by an enchanted forest ofsequoia trees, cool moss and green leaves. It has a fresh, leafy outdoor scent.

The Magic collection is my favorite - a blend of icy blue mint, rich chocolate and invigorating sea spray. Magic epitomizes the adventure of Disney and all that is Mickey Mouse.

The Pixie Dust collection is inspired by Tinker Bell, with a shimmering scent of citrus sorbet, candied fruits and summer rain. This fragrance is light and sweet smelling.

Photos courtesy of Disney

I don't usually shop in the Disney store unless I am buying something for my nieces but these new collections are definitely going to give me a reason to visit!

- Kim Weling

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