Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Perfect Body Lotion for Winter - Votre Vu's TARTE D'AMANDE Soufflé Riche Pour Le Corps

TARTE D'AMANDE Soufflé Riche Pour Le Corps ($39) by Votre Vu is my body lotion of choice for the winter months, with the sweet smell of Almond Pie! It really absorbs into your skin and keeps your body moisturized without feeling thick or greasy. Vitamins and nut oils hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and silky.
What's your favorite winter lotion?

- Kim Weling


  1. Dear Kim,

    Tarte D'Amande is mine too, but I like to apply our Amour D'Ore Dry Oil spray first. Chicago winters are brutal, especially after a blizzard. There is no moisture anywhere but on the ground. LOL.


  2. Thanks for the tip Traci! I'll have to try spraying the Amour D'Ore Dry Oil first!