Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nicholas K Fall 2009

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Brother and sister duo Christopher and Nicole Kunz of Nicholas K, introduce sweaters, jackets, dresses and leather travel and laptop bags for fall, with a casual, androgynous and tomboyish feel. The pieces are designed to be long lasting essentials in a wardrobe, instead of trendy looks that may only last one or two seasons.

The fall collection can be described as having a “rocker, Mad Max feel, Solarbabies, according to Christopher Kunz. “The line has a slight masculinity to the women’s side and a very rugged men’s collection.”

The smoky palette includes a lot of black, charcoal, beige and khaki on sweaters, pants and plaid shirts, with pops of color on silk dresses – brick, dark mint, purple, saphire, and cinnabar.

Fabrics include “lots of merino wool for the sweaters, silk cashmere blends, wool coats, and a lot of cotton shirtings,” says Christopher.

Listen to the full podcast
where Christopher talks about his original background being in biochemistry, not design, and how he and Nicole always wanted to start a business together. Christopher talks about what the most challenging things are about being a designer, challenges in the industry and the effect of the economy and how he started modeling for Nicholas K.

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