Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mara Hoffman Fall 2009

Mara Hoffman’s explains that the inspiration for this season centers around “Once were princes, now are thieves, the idea of royalty that have decided to ride through the night on horses and go as a caravan and be thieves.”

Mara uses silks and wools in vibrant colors and prints, accessorizing looks with jewelry by N’ Jena Surae Jarvis and suede nail gloves by design partner Klee Van Schoonhoven.

The eye-catching print dresses are free-flowing and pairs nicely with a cardigan or wrap sweater. Key pieces include a chiffon native dress, with a studded merino Prince cardigan, wool sergeant coat with detachable skirt and stud legging, and a double knit stud dress. Printed leggings and tights made a strong presence, including must-have instarsia tights.

Listen to Mara
talk about her Fall 2009 collection, featured accessories and what the impact of the economy has had on her business.

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