Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gen Art’s 14th Annual Fresh Faces in Fashion

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This year Shannen Doherty hosted Gen Art’s 14th Annual “Fresh Faces in Fashion” Show at the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom on September 4. 2008. Six womenswear and two menswear designers showcased their Spring 2009 collections on the runway, and four accessories designers exhibited their installations.

In collaboration with Gen Art, select designs from JF & Son’s spring collection were immediately available for purchase on YOOX.COM a few hours after the show. YOOX.COM even shows streamlined video clips of the available looks. JF & Son designers Jesse Finkelstein and Kathryn King combine modern design elements with traditional fabric techniques, as they incorporate embroidery, beading and paint into their collection. Looks available at YOOX.COM include a short sleeve blouse with wide crew neck and crêpe knee length skirt with gold sequins, a silk crêpe sleeveless shortdress and a long sleeve shirt in sheer chiffon paired with two-layered organza and crêpe palazzo pants.

Ideeen designers Junko Hirata and Atsuko Yanase showcase a mix of plaid and flowery prints, transparent layers and knitting techniques with colors including black, white, yellow and grey.

Sariah’s focus is on custom prints and beautifully draped dresses. Sariah Carson’s prints are uniquely hand painted on high quality silks and vividly portray a work of art with bold colors including blue, yellow, red, purple, emerald green and turquoise.

Sister-duo Natalia and Julia Alarcon combine their personalities and Spanish heritage in creating Lialia, striving for modern, classic elegance. Lialia’s Spring ’09 collection “La Dolce Vita” is inspired by summers spent on the Mediterranean coast and Italian nightlife and cinema. The collection includes bold red/white floral prints and a yellow sapphire bow front gown.

Richard Ruiz showcases Japanese influence with fluid, comfortable dresses and separates in silky fabrics. Looks include playful prints with purple or yellow, and a long white dress with a grassy garden print at the bottom.

Crhee designer Christina Rhee’s inspiration stems from the movie Gattaca and musician Prince. Rhee uses natural, breathable fabrics of cotton and silk, making her pieces wearable while adding a modern twist. Her favorite look in the collection is a black shirt dress with opaque panels. The collection includes several classic separates and dresses in black, white and silver.

Menswear designers Hyden Yoo and Philip Sparks both showcased edgy, modern looks that could be pictured on the male characters on Gossip Girl. Yoo’s preppy fashion-forward looks include a cardigan with elbow patches paired with shorts, plaid jacket and a navy suit with a khaki vest and salmon-colored scarf. Colors include natural tones - khaki, white and light grey, mixed with navy and black pieces. Sparks’ spring collection is inspired by ‘the preps, the jocks, the slackers and the greasers of 50s youth.’ Linen/cotton suit details include double pockets and covered buttons while casual, athletic pieces have cargo pockets. Sparks’ looks include a grey leather jacket, a plaid cotton Havana shirt paired with white cotton knit gym shorts (sported by Ronnie from Make Me A Supermodel), grey cotton twill blazer with black India tape trim and a bright yellow v-neck sweater with grey pants.
Antoinette Lee designs edgy, sophisticated leather handbags inspired by her everyday life in New York City. Her spring collection centers on a neutral/muted palette, and is also showcasing higher-end lux styles.

Eugenie Huang’s concepts stem from her observations in biology, vectors, mechanisms, music and training in architecture when designing her jewelry line Deka Ray.

Heutchy men’s shoe designer Wells Stellberger creates Italian leather shoes that are classic, contemporary and simplistic.

TNC Studio collection designer Tanya Cicanovic creates leather accessories consisting of bags, gloves, belts and hats as well as jewelry that combines Swarovski and vintage hand set crystals. Her inspiration is mythological-inspired.

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