Friday, September 12, 2008

Carmen Marc Valvo Spring 2009: Square Embellishment and Detailing

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Amazing how sexy sophistication and elegance can stem from a simple square. Carmen Marc Valvo takes square shapes and manipulates them into organza, silk chiffon and silk jersey fabrics to create the ultimate gowns and cocktail dresses – works of wearable art. Geometric details include embellished tiles of metallic leather on metallic organza and woven satin ribbons forming a checkerboard of squares.

Best looks include silk ribbon basket woven cocktail dresses, heather square metallic leather appliqué cocktail dress, black micro-fiber jersey twisted knotted cocktail dress, canary silk chiffon twisted drape front gown, grass silk chiffon criss cross front gown and a silver silk embroidered asymmetric georgette gown.

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