Monday, February 20, 2023

Moxi by Sciton Laser Treatment Review

A few months ago I received a Moxi by Sciton laser treatment session and wanted to share my experience. Moxi is a non-ablative fractional laser, penetrating down into the top two layers of the skin without damaging and heating the tissue below the skin. The treatment removes dead skin layers, unwanted pigmentation and textural abnormalities.

To prep for my procedure, Lidocaine was applied to numb my face. This needed to be applied 15-30 minutes before my procedure to ensure my face was fully numb. After 20 minutes, I carefully and thoroughly washed my face.

The actual treatment was only about 15 minutes long and I really didn't feel any discomfort. As the laser moved around on my skin, it felt like static electricity but also soothing at the same time. Right after my treatment, my face wasn't red but that first night it felt like I got sunburn. I was instructed to stay out of direct sunlight the next couple of days and to make sure I wear sunscreen. Over the course of the week, my skin had started to peel and become extremely dry, with some minor breakouts. It was 7-10 days before my skin was back to normal and feeling fully moisturized.

The treatment in my opinion was a success. My skin was brighter and smoother and my skin tone was more even. Since I have healthy skin, it was recommended I only do this treatment once a year, although depending on the condition of the skin, this treatment is usually recommended 3-4 times per year (or once a quarter).

The Sciton Moxi laser treatment is suitable for all skin tones and has very little down time and also isn't intense as other lasers like Fraxel. The cost per session ranges from $500-$750. I was extremely happy with the results and would recommend this treatment and would also do it again. 

Thank you to the Sciton team for treatment, and to Theraderm for providing me with skincare products to use afterwards, including the OPC Reparative Serum, which helps reduce redness and provides protection against sun damage. 

- Kim Weling


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