Monday, October 14, 2019

Decadent Evening of Chocolate and Cocktails

On September 20, on the eve of The Big Chocolate Show, I attended the Decadent Evening of Chocolate and Cocktails presented by the Cocktail Guru at the Resorts World Casino NYC in Jamaica, NY. The tasting included chocolate friendly cocktails paired with sweet and savory desserts, all featuring Guittard Chocolate. My favorite pairings, which were both phenomenal were the Three Chocolate Budino + Bonette Brands and the Dark Chocolate and Pisco Shrimp Ceviche paired with Caravedo Pisco. I am hooked on budino but the only place I know where to get it is at Scarpetta in Las Vegas. If someone can direct me to where I can find budino in NYC please let me know! 

The Salty Heifer Three Chocolate Budino with Salted Caramel paired with Bonnette Brands (Coquerel Calvados, Boudier Creme de Cassis, Bache Gabrielsen Cognac)

Sandeman Port paired with Roni-Sue's Chocolates Portly Fig Truffle

CSW Catering Dark Chocolate and Pisco Shrimp Ceviche paired with Caravedo Pisco

Sowella Chocolates Green Chartreuse Mint Chocolates, Dark Chocolate Strawberry Truffles and Macadamia Matcha Cream Squares paired with Chartreuse

Jomart Chocolates Marshmallow Cookie "Mallomar" paired with Zyr Vodka

Twizzles Tasty Treats Organic Apple Raisin Chocolate Truffle dusted in Apple dust and Nutmeg paired with Amarula

- Kim Weling


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