Sunday, March 3, 2019

BENNOV | SUPIN | Videmus Omnia at The Nolcha Shows Fall/Winter 2019

Videmus Omnia

The Nolcha Shows Fall/Winter 2019 showcased designers Shiyuan Li of BENNOV, SUPIN and Yun Qu of Videmus Omnia on February 10th at Union West Events during New York Fashion Week

BENNOV focused on a black and white palette in cashmere with sequin, fringe and feather detailing. SUPIN kept it simple with shiny silver jackets, t-shirts and athleisure pants. 

Videums Omnia stole the show with a haute couture / avant-garde collection that combines art aesthetics of 14th-16th centuries renaissance, 19th century impressionism, and mid-1980s grunge music. My favorite look from this show was the cropped top and asymmetric ruffle skirt. The show also included a two tone jacket with fringe and draped mesh with pearl detailing, impressionist mini silk ruffle dress, oversized ruffle bomber jacket paired with a mini romanticism dress, and a textured silver crop top and mini skirt. There were also a few deconstructed deconstructed looks. 

As sponsors of The Nolcha Shows, luxury and beauty sleep brand, NIGHT, partnered with InstaSleep to promote self-care and restorative sleep tips during New York Fashion Week. Whether you're a designer, model, makeup artist, hair stylist, media or influencer, a good night's sleep is necessary to maintain self-care while traveling between runway shows. NIGHT introduced guests to their youth-boosting memory foam polyurethane NIGHT Pillow, fitted with a hypoallergenic, wrinkle-minimizing silk pillowcase. Guests were encouraged to try products from both brands, with samples of the NIGHT Golden Silk Sheet Mask and InstaSleep Mint Melts. 



- Kim Weling

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