Sunday, February 24, 2019

Hakan Akkaya Fall/Winter 2019 at New York Fashion Week

Hakan Akkaya Fall/Winter 2019 at New York Fashion Week was inspired by glam rock, a style of rock music that developed in the UK in the early 1970s, performed by musicians with outrageous costumes, make up and hairstyles, particularly platform shoes and glitter. 

A more extreme version of glam, "glitter rock" was made famous by acts such as David Bowie, Elton John, T. Rex, Alice Cooper, Slade, Gary Glitter, Queen, Sweet and Joan Jett. These performers were known for extravagant clothing, were often androgynous, and played with nontraditional gender roles. 

For  the Fall/Winter 2019, Hakan Akkaya created a collection of fearless iconic proportions and glamorous rock stars. Hakan was also inspired by Turkish stars such as Hayko Cepkin, Baris Manco, Zeki Muren and many Turkish icons. In Hakan's opinion, self confidence is the best outfit, 
rock it and own it. 

The 70s and 80s rock looks mostly in black and silver, featured studded details, shoulder pads, sparkle and sequins, leopard prints, large lightning bolts, leather, fur and jumpsuits. Among the looks included an oversized puffer coat, which has been dominating the runways at New York 
Fashion Week. 

- Kim Weling

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