Sunday, January 13, 2019

THINX Pop-Up in SoHo

With Jill Zarin, Real Housewives of New York City

Are you familiar with THINX? THINX, the period solutions company and creators of period-proof underwear, has opened up a pop-up in SoHo, open seven days a week from 11am to 7pm through February 28th.  

Shoppers can see all of THINX's products in-person and meet with specialists to help redesign their period solutions with customized packages and panty packs, like a customized Cycle-Set Bar. 

All three THINX brands, THINX, THINX (BTWN) and Icon are available for sale at the pop-up. Here's a closer look at each brand:
  • THINX period proof underwear can be worn as a replacement or back-up to traditional period products. Depending on your flow (light, medium, or heavy), THINX period-proof pants can replace pads and tampons, or be worn with tampons and cups for extra protection.

  • THINX (BTWN) is specifically for young people with periods, ages 9-16. THINX (BTWN) comes in three different styles, including Bikini, Brief and Shorty, and come in two colors/one print: Tidal Wave, Beet Juice, and Let's Polka!

  • Icon underwear is designed for bladder leaks — bringing a new level of confidence to those who experience leaks, as they no longer have to worry about their disposable products being seen, or be concerned about unpleasant odors. Icon is available in five styles: Hi-Waist, Hiphugger, French Cut, Bikini and Thong. Color options include: Black, Beige, Grey, and Blue.
During the media preview, I met with Jill Zarin, star of Housewives of New York City, who is a huge fan of THINX Inc. products. Visiting the pop-up really got me excited about the brand and trying out their underwear. 

If you can't make it to the pop-up, you can also shop online and get $10 off your order with my THINX referral code! Read the full review of my experience wearing THINX.

- Kim Weling

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