Wednesday, January 24, 2018

B Floral Accessory Line Launch

Last week I previewed B Floral's fresh floral accessory line, ranging from customized rings, cuff bracelets and necklaces to hair barrettes and headbands. All of B Floral's accessories are custom made with fresh flowers and succulents, so no two accessories are alike. 

It's such a unique way to accessorize, and is also inspiring me to maybe take advantage of my parents' garden and create my own fresh floral look this spring/summer. 

During the event guests were able to choose fresh floral accessories to wear. My favorite piece was a fresh floral necklace that I also wore to work the next day. The fresh floral scent around my neck definitely brightened my work day!

To create a customized piece or plan a floral accessory project for an event or party, contact

- Kim Weling