Friday, April 21, 2017

Beauty Tips from ZYRTEC for ALLERGY FACE Hosted by Jordana Brewster and Jamie Greenberg

My beauty look: a cross between The Weekender and The Charmer, perfect for an office daytime look

On March 29th, The makers of ZYRTEC invited media guests for a morning of beauty tips to tackle spring allergy season, hosted by actress Jordana Brewster and makeup artist Jamie Greenberg at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Following the session, guests were welcome to custom ALLERGY FACE makeovers from partner-on-demand beGlammed. 

During our session, Jordana and Jamie gave us an exclusive first look at all-new beauty looks for allergy sufferers. These looks are available exclusively on the beGlammed website and app through June 7th. 

There are three beauty looks for allergy sufferers:
The Weekender: A light, natural look 
The Charmer: Flirty, daytime look 
The Stunner: Bold look with a bright lip and smoky eye 

The Weekender beauty steps:

1.  Applying a tinted moisturizer, to hydrate and reduce the look of puffiness, caused by allergies, 2. 2.  Dabbing a color correcting concealer to cover up redness, especially around your nose.
3.  Cream blush in a soft pink or peach to give your cheeks a rosy glow.
4.  Make your eyes appear more open by curling your lashes and applying waterproof black mascara.
5.  Apply a tinted lip balm, using your fingertip for a subtler look.
6.  Spritz a setting spray to so makeup stays put all day and skin looks smooth but not shiny.

The Charmer beauty steps:

1. Apply a medium-coverage foundation to hide redness and visibly even out skin tone.
2.  Apply a brow volumizing fiber gel for a slightly fuller look.
3.  Swipe neutral-toned eyeshadow on eyelids and under your eye, fill in your lash line with a thin brown eyeliner to define the eyes. Apply waterproof mascara to upper and lower lashes.
4.  To reduce the look of puffiness, apply highlighter to the cheekbones.
5. Finish with a nude blush cheek color and soft lip color

The Stunner beauty steps:

1.  Use a green-tinted concealer to help cancel out redness. Apply a full-coverage foundation followed by a translucent powder to help set the foundation.
2.  Define your brows with a brow pencil to frame your face and distract from the puffiness.
3. Apply a dark blended eye shadow for a smoky look and cat eye with waterproof black eyeliner. Finish the eyes with a waterproof mascara - a must for dealing with watery eyes from allergies - and some false lashes for a bolder, more dramatic look. 
4. Take down the appearance of puffiness by contouring your face using flushed cheeks with slight highlight.
5. Apply a bold lip.

- Kim Weling

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